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Terms an Conditions

GDPR directions for personal data


For administrative matters we restore personal details; name, address and in which groups a dancer is enrolled to. Personal details are also used for communication of ongoing courses and coming news within the dance school. For exceptional matters can personal details be given to a communal and/or regional contributor for follow-up for associations that are partly financed by public funds. Identification numbers are used for statistical matters which is a requirement for associations which receive public funds. If you are for some reason unable to provide your identification number, please contact Umeå Dansskola or +46725473747.




Once an enrollment is done, it is binding. An enrollment is required for all classes and has to be done for each and every class that a dancer is going to attend. The enrollment has to be done via dance school’s website It is dancers’ responsibility to provide correct contact details (e-mail, address and mobile number).




Before a course start you will receive a call-in e-mail approximately one week before a start date. You will receive an invoice in a separate e-mail.


Cancellation policy


Before a course start: 

If you would like to cancel your enrollment before a course start, please contact (we do not take cancellations via telephone or through instructors). Cancellation is accepted once you receive a cancellation confirmation e-mail (can take few working days). If you do a cancellation before a course start there won’t be any cancellation penalty.


On the day of a course start and after: 

If you do a cancellation on the day of a course start of after that, you are binded to pay the whole course fee. If there is a serious matter behind the cancellation (illness confirmed with a doctor statement, moving from town or other comparable reason) which you couldn’t be aware by the course start, a refund can be done. An amount of a refund depends on how many classes you are going to miss.


Exception: Children ages up to 6 years old are allowed to cancel a course until the 18th of February 2024. If a cancellation is done between the day of the course start and the 18th of February the cancellation fee is 200 SEK (instead of the whole course fee). If the cancellation is done after the 18th of February, normal cancellation policy applies. A cancellation proceeds by e-mail to


Change of a course


If you would like to change a course, please ask advice from your current instructor which class and/or level would be suitable for you. If a change will be necessary, you need to contact the office (permanent course changes can not be made through an instructor). The change will be accepted whether there are free places left in a wanted group and a (new) instructor accepts the change.




Umeå Dansskola follows Consumer Service Act.


Cancelled course/postponed course start or rescheduling: 

We reserve rights to cancel a course, reschedule a course or change an instructor if necessary. You have right to demand a refund for a whole course fee in these cases. If a course will be postponed more than one week, you have right to cancel the course and receive a full refund of a course fee.

PLEASE NOTIFY that an unpaid invoice is not counted as a cancellation.


Divided invoice


For exceptional cases we allow to pay a course fee in parts. Please contact us in a such need.


Photographing/Filming during classes and shows


We reserve rights to photograph/film during classes/shows and use material for marketing of the association online and in a printed form.




Umeå Dansskola is a non-profit association. It is obligatory for each dancer to have a membership in order to participate classes. One membership costs 50 SEK and is valid one calendar year. A membership fee will be added to your invoice once in a year.


Force Majeure

Umeå Dansskola reserves the right to cancel courses and change day, time or teacher without refound of the cours fee due to circumstances that we have not been able to anticipate, influence or that are beyond our control, so-called Force Majeure. Examples of Force Majeure can include extreme weather, natural disasters, war, pandemics or epidemics.